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This is a quick update to let you know that the Death Certificate .... that you found for me has been pivotal in my search for my Mum's bio Mum. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you as you found the link piece for me in both my Dad's family and now in my maternal grandmother’s family!

Alex Smith

I can’t thank you enough for all this wonderful research and the results therein. As I read through the documents, I could not stop crying! I can’t believe how emotional this has been, as it’s taken so long to finally get these answers.

Margaret Walsh


I provide a wide range of genealogical services.  I can research your family and provide a detailed report, complete with charts, tables and detailed descriptions of the lives of your ancestors.  Such reports make wonderful birthday or Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest.  I can trace relatives of whom you had little or no knowledge.  I can support you in doing such work yourself.

Columnist & Writing Services

As a freelance writer I have contributed over the years to The Scottish Genealogist, Family Tree and other genealogical journals, to a variety of educational publications, including the Times Educational Supplement Scotland, and to The Herald and The Scotsman.  For more information or to enquire about using my services please get in touch.

Presentations and guest speaker

As a highly experienced presenter, I have delivered lectures and talks on a range of genealogical topics, including Illegitimacy in Scotland and The 1820 Rising. Please contact me for more information, where I would be delighted to discuss your project or event in more depth.