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State of the Union
We asked an SR panel two questions: 
(a) Do you think the break-up of the UK is now likely?
(b) Would you welcome it?

Alex Wood
Head teacher
An improved SNP vote and a government more likely to achieve a referendum makes Scottish independence and Scotland’s withdrawal from the UK more likely but it remains only a possibility. Yes, Britain is a concept which should command little loyalty and England still thinks of itself as a world power, in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Scotland will do well to separate from that tradition. A more democratic, less unequal, more cooperative society would hopefully be created in an independent Scotland. Finally, independence is the best means to make Scots face up to their own problems – whether our poor health record, our macho culture, lack of self-confidence or sectarianism – and solve them ourselves. Independence is the best way to force us to stop blaming England for all our woes.
The above piece was published along with comments from a wide number of others in Scottish Review on 8 May 2011, after the election gave SNP gained an outright majority in the Scottish Parliament:

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